Aplication to enter the guild Read and answer

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Aplication to enter the guild Read and answer

Post by Canserbero on Sat Nov 05, 2016 2:53 am

I Recruiting active players to spend a pleasant and good time. We do not discriminate, we only look for people who like to play woe. We do not accept botters.
If you like to join the guild, communicate with ~ Sagitarium ~ GOD LEVEL ~, or any Vice or send your application "

First you registered after reading

You have to register in forum of us, then, copy and paste in a new topic with your name, for the request, in the module of request, answering the questions already made here.

Complete the following

Name :
How do you like to be called?
character's name :
Class :
Level :
Languages you speak :
Availability Of Play woe:
Availability install Discord:
Do you have a microphone ?
you have experience in woe?
what was your last guild and because you left or quit?
Do you want to participate in weekly Endles tower?
Would you like us to add you to whatsap guild group Mobile application ?
What days available to do Endles tower ?

because you want to join us?

Copy and paste in Application Module Members Answering the questions already asked

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